The Vassall Centre






Bristol Charities purchased the Vassall Centre in April 2021. Our ambition for the Vassall Centre is to build accommodation for older people on one end of the site. Built to high accessibility standards, it will include a range of fully wheelchair accessible flats and will offer affordable high quality homes for older people.

The Charity will also be retaining accessible rented office space at the Vassall Centre. All current tenancies will be maintained and we will be continuing to accommodate all existing tenants as well as seeking new tenants when space becomes available.

The Conference business has, in the interim, been handed over to a partner organisation PROPS in order to maintain existing bookings. A wider review of the facility will be carried out as COVID restrictions and conditions ease.

If you would like to talk to someone at Bristol Charities about the Vassall Centre or you are interested in office space please contact us on            0117 965 9630.

If you are interested in conference facilities please click on the Conferences tab for further information and contact PPOPS directly on 0117 965 3514.