Welcome to The Vassall Centre

Welcome to the Vassall Centre!

We're home to 25 amazing charities & organisations, and are working with our community in Frome Vale to make Vassall a great place to be for people of all ages.

Here are the Vassall Centre, we're really proud to be one of the earliest barrier-free workspaces set up in the UK.

We offer affordable rates and accessible spaces for workplaces, meetings, events and community activities. We're lucky that the building is home to 25 organisations, predominately charities, which gives the building a vibrant and unique atmosphere. There is always something going on and a friendly face to see!

Bristol Charites purchased the Vassall Centre in May 2021 and has started community development work at the site, running events, wellbeing activities and outreach projects.

If you would like to talk to someone at Bristol Charities about the Vassall Centre or you are interested in office space or hiring a room, please contact us on 0117 965 9630.

You can find out more about what Bristol Charities do by visiting our website below, or calling 0117 930 0301.